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Default Behavior Change Following UTI

My female puppy is almost 7 months old now and was pretty much 100% house broken when she got a mild UTI 3-4 weeks ago. One day she came out of her cage in the morning, dropped down and peed all over the floor and just lay there in her own urine like she had been flogged and was afraid to move.

The thing is, she's physically better now but there's some horrible association with going out that's been created after the UTI. If I put my sweater on she'll go from being a normal puppy to dropping on the floor and watching me like a hawk. If I walk towards her she almost without fail does pee a little on the floor. The same if I grab her leash or open the front door. It's almost become a cue for her to freak out. However, if I put on my snow pants she switches gears and is excited to go out because she associates that with walks and fun stuff.

I've started going outside first and waiting for her to come to me. I even kneel down and look away. That way she only pees about 50% of the time but she literally crawls to me and if I take too long or move too fast she'll pee (I never know which it's going to be). Then as soon as I clip the leash to her harness she stands up, shakes herself and is back to her normal tail wagging self.

She acts the same way towards my fiancÚ who also takes her outside when I can't do it for some reason.

I really need ideas to break this up. She is very soft, insecure and sensitive to begin with so I always try to be very encouraging and non-threatening without feeling sorry for her. She's a good learner who enjoys training and I have no problems with taking her for off leash walks. I'm just coming up short with whether there's something I'm doing that might be causing her to continue this behavior. I try really hard to not make a big deal out of this, I ignore her antics and wait for her to come to me but I'm starting to feel I may not be fixing anything, just continuing this cycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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