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Originally Posted by Jmoore728 View Post
Another picture of his grandfather. Hopefully in a few years, I will be ready for a true working line GSD. I might not have to if my pup turns into plenty of dog for me. If not, it doesn't matter. I figured this would be a great building block for me. I personally think I'm not experienced enough at this time to handle/train one correctly. I would hate purchasing a great working line GSD and not capable of training him right. I would probably run into issue if I tried. Not willing to risk it yet with boys only being 4.5 and 1 1/2 years old
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Just wanted to say, a good working line pup isn't some crazy, neurotic, psycho, that the average home can't handle. Sure they need exercise, mental stimulation, and all the other things pups/dogs need, but they def aren't impossible or for *only experienced owners. I have a 12 week old working line, and so far he's been ten times easier than my showline was (granted the showline didn't come from great lines). Even at 12 weeks he's not super hyper (other than normal puppy stuff), he picks up on stuff super quick, was potty trained in hours, he just seems in tune with me. It's awesome! I just wanted to say, you would probably be fine with a working line OR a showline. I hate that some people just think working lines are these insane dogs and they are intimidated to have them. There are plenty here with showline and working line dogs...they're def different, but I bet most would say their working lines are a joy and a lot of them don't "work" them...they're family dogs, and other than the basic family obedience, they just enjoy their families. They don't know or care that they aren't doing IPO, protection, agility, flyball, etc....They just want to be with their families. Just saying, you should give yourself a little more credit. You would probably do just fine with a working line dog OR a showline.

Oh, and i have a 2 year old son, and kids over all the time. Pup does great with them. :-)
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