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Default Pedigree Help/Education

Hi all,

(Forgive the length in advance): I cringed a little at this being my first post (aside from my Introduction), as I see I'm one of many (exhaustively, it appears) to ask a pedigree-related question, but I am genuinely curious about my guy's lines, top and bottom - and what a wealth of knowledge there appears to be among the members here! This is Greek to me; I am a Thoroughbred pedigree nerd, but that is backed by a lifetime of study and exposure to many of the top breeders and trainers in the country - something I do not have when it comes to dogs. I would like to gradually increase my knowledge of the various working GSD lines and what they throw, but it is a work-in-progress. I am poring over the forums here, amongst other things; feel free to suggest other resources, books, etc., if you're so inclined.

So why not begin at the beginning with my own? I am eager to procure another pup within the next year that has the same overall temperament and personality as my now-5 year-old male. I am unable to find any information on his breeder aside from the name and address that I already have on the original paperwork that came with him, though I can try to check through the individuals that selected and trained him for me when the time comes. (They utilize a handful of OCONUS kennels when selecting dogs for LE and private citizens like myself, as I understand it). That being said, if for some reason I would be unable to find a closely-related pup, does anyone have any suggestions as to similar lines/types of dogs based upon what you see in his pedigree? There are certain traits that appeal to me in both my horses and dogs. When I described the type of dog I wanted at the pre-purchase consultation, they listened and returned with this guy. It took them a few months to find what I was after, but he has proven to be a perfect companion for me.

Now that I have effectively written a novel (again I apologize) - what does an experienced eye see when they view my guy's pedigree? Is there a consistency to his relatives through and through? If so, what traits are present that many dislike? What traits are present that many desire or seek out? Are there any particularly notable dogs - of good or bad note - that appear and should be sought out or avoided if possible? Any pairings that leave one scratching their head? I sincerely appreciate any feedback - this is an ongoing learning experience, which I enjoy immensely. Eventually I hope to choose something to "do" with my dog. Understanding where he comes from, and what makes him "him" may help me to better gauge what the best fit for us would be. It will also assist me in choosing suitable dogs in the future. I have a lot of research to do regarding Schutzhund and other sports, but I am certainly open to other suggestions. Thanks so much for any input!

Links (including 2 in case one does not work for whatever reason):

Rex von der Sintherner Kirchgasse

Rex von der Sintherner Kirchgasse ? working-dog

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