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Default Astute judge of character over the pool man!

I know this is the usual with GSD's, but I'm happily amazed at my girl, Myah. She's 10 months old and super, super sweet to everybody. She assumes everyone is her potential best friend.

Anyway, we have a pool guy that comes into our yard every week. He knocks or shouts, someone acknowledges him, then he lets himself in through the side gate to get about his pool business. He has met Myah with me at home, played with her, she played with him - all was very friendly for a couple months!

Then, one time, the pool guy came into the side gate without shouting or knocking first. Myah went on a major barking spree that scared him. I'm bummed I wasn't there to witness this, as I know all of her "barks" and sounds very well. So, I can't interpret.

But then, the pool guy wasn't doing his job. I started finding issues. We didn't see eye to eye. He installed a pump I wasn't happy with. All of this played out via email, since he comes to the house and I'm at work. (Other family is home when he arrives).

Well, Myah must have picked up on his no-good business, because she has decided she is not fond of him. That is bizarre in Myah's world, where she LOVES everyone! But I'm so proud of her! The pool guy had to come one last time to begrudgingly finish something, and Myah followed him closely, seriously looking at him.

No hackles (almost, though). No growl. No aggression. No death stare.

But she meant business. And the pool guy knew it, as he was acting very nervous as she followed him, even though I was outwardly pleasant. And he has a pittie! lololol

Love her!!!!!!!! Good girl, Myah.

Next day, she went to the playground to gently play with kids - her usual thing.

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