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Default Anyone ever have problems with Puppy eye drainage?

Hey guys, have you ever had a GSD pup that had some eye drainage? My male GSD is 13 weeks old and currently on Blue brand Adult Chix and rice. The treats I use in training is Blue brand treats....Both the kibble and treats are chicken based. The drainage is clear in color. Both his eyes look good. No redness and look normal. I'm guessing it's probably a food allergy....I hope. Seems like it started when I started going heavy on the treats with marker training. He has snuck a couple of those small chew sticks with a center filling in them...We give them to our Shih Tzu at times.,...Not for sure if these are rawhide based or not....Don't have the package anymore...The occasional graham cracker he vacuums up after the our 1.5 year old son drops it....

I'm going to cut everything out, minus the kibble for a few days. Or will I need to do this for a longer period of time to see any results? His eye drainage is accompanied with scratching. I took him to the breeders kennel 2 days ago to get his tattoo and another vaccination....Let him be around the big dogs...He was a little hesitant at first, but he kept pushing forward and ended up doing great. He got to mingle with one of the older GSD mommies (one of the breeders personal protection dogs) ...It was a good experience for him,,,Minus the tattoo... That part was horrible...But he did awesome ...Sorry, I got off track......

She looked over his eyes, cleaned his ears and showed me how she cleans them....She wasn't too concerned with the eye drainage. I'm not either, but I'm determined to find the cause.

How long does it take to see results after cutting the possibilities out? Instant, 2-3 days or weeks? (if one of them happens to be the cause).
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