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Default gsd with major skin problems

hello all, i have a 14 month old gsd with very bad skin problems. we have done a enviromental allergy test on her(allergic to 2 types of grass, dust mites, and mold that grows on grass/trees). i have had her checked out by 3 vets, all of which cannot diagnose her correctly. i have tried 5 different types of food and currently she is on royal canin hp prescription food. she constantly is scratching and chewing her upper thigh area on both sides of her rear end(which leads to an infection 99% of the time). the spots start out looking like a hotspot, the hair all falls out then forms small red bumps that eventually become almost purple in color. after about a week she starts to smell very yeasty. i have also tried medicated shampoos and prescription shampoo. she is a wonderful dog and i would love to make her life a little more comfortable for her. i have attached a photo. it is not as bad as it has been in the past in the pic because we have her on Hydroxyzine and antibiotics for the infection, but it has come back. any thoughts on what this might be?
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