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Crate should never be a punishment.

I went to a dermatologist yesterday, he looked at my faint scars on my arms and said and these are from? I told him that nope i was not into cutting myself, but i have a German shepherd puppy. Anyways it's a very awful phase. Keep redirecting to toys, try the yelp (did not work for us), when pup gets crazy walk away or stop playing, play a tree, fold your arms and such it up. There is a good video on this from leasburg puppy training. They talk about the ignoring and redirecting while putting up with the biting pain that wont kill you. Zeus did not stop biting till 5 month and he was brutal! tooth went through my finger =( but this is now all in the past.

another way to snap them out is start training. When Z would go into biting I would say "sit!" he knew a treat was coming and would sit and i would do 2 mins of commands and he would forget all about his previous activities. Use their ADD to your advantage lol
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