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Originally Posted by Pattyobrien3 View Post
You may be right, he is still young. I'll probably try easing him into home alone time, like when I go to the grocery store. Oddly enough, he only seems to destroy things in the morning - when I come home for lunch, there's often a mess, but I don't think there's ever been a mess when I come home in the evening.

I have considered doggie daycare, but for one thing, I find it hard to justify the expense (I think upwards of $20 a day), and for another, he's not yet fixed, which I think auto-invalidates that option. I haven't really yet considered a dog walker or sitter, but he's only home alone for about 4 hours at a time. that's not too long a stretch, i'd hope.

I have thought about a club or a sport for a while, and I think it'd be fun for him and me, but i'm not sure how to get him started in that sort of thing. I'm in the denver, co, area - perhaps you could recommend some ways to get started?

Unfortunately, when I started looking for breeders in the area, I found the amount of knoweldge and helpfulness from german shepherd clubs to be sorely lacking. So I'd be interested to know how to get started.

On a side note - are the birth/death dates for blackjack accurate? If so, I am very sorry. It is hard to lose a dog so young.

Thank you for your kind remark about my Jack. I went overseas for work and left him with some acquaintances who were suffering the loss of a GSD girl to a seizure... they left him outside unsupervised for an extended period and he dug out under the fence, strangling himself on his collar. It was a very devastating fact to come home to There are so many things wrong with that picture and obviously things I'd never let happen with my own dog (outside for a long time unsupervised, wearing a collar etc!)

Anyhow, Im very far from Denver but Im sure some other members will have some good advice on clubs!! Ward is a rescue and we've only had him for a few months and not ready to begin any sports, but he's a member of a training club that does daycare with walks and play, and day training. They also do agility training so that's something I'd like to try with him! We also have a GSD walking group that meets on weekends and is always a fun and educational thing for him.

4 hours is not too long to leave him, just maybe too long to let him free run of house just yet!!
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