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Yes you should reprimand them as it happens, however there is nothing wrong with picking up the destroyed item when you get home, giving him a serious look and in a low voice tell him naughty boy and then ignore him for a few minutes - they know - believe me they know. I have done this and all mine have survived with no psychological issues!

He is very young and is doing it from boredom and separation from you. You could try giving him a 20 minute walk before you leave for work. Assuming you are feeding dry kibble, don't feed him in the morning, put the required food plus larger treat type food in a couple of treat balls. So he will have to work to get his breakfast by moving the treat balls and figuring out how to get the food, plus with the larger treat type bits, make sure they are big enough not to come out - he will just enjoy the smell.

Working like this will tire him out and hopefully once he has spent a couple of hours getting the food out will have sleep.

if your GSD is eating and eating and eating and losing weight - please consider testing for EPI.
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