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Default Suggestion/design help for a dog room?

We're moving into a house in the near future and I want to convert one of the spare bedrooms into a "dog room". If anyone has a "dog room" or even a "dog area/dog space" where they keep all their dogs things/play area and has a photo or has suggestions for storage and such please share!

We're going to dedicate a wall to each of the dogs for awards, certificates, trophies, ribbons, etc. I want to build two large wooden toy chests to store toys, would also like storage space to put all my training gear, collars, leashes, etc, etc..

Want to get this planned out before we move in. Already bought a large carpet for the dogs to wrestle and play on.

Also, does anyone have a sturdy weather proof toy bin that they leave outside? I'd like something to store "outdoor" toys in that can stand up to the weather. Would love recommendations on products or even building one... since DH is building me two wooden toy chests anyway.

Thanks guys!
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