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Default german shepherd epilepsy

Hi everyone,

i am saikat bhattacharya from India and i own a German shepherd named mojo(age 2yrs 7months) who is now suffering from epilepsy and therfore seek for your advice for the same.

he was a completely healthy dog but on 14th of December(evening) while having excessive water from his bowl he collapsed in my hand while i was sitting beside him,i caught him and found that his whole body has gone stiff and he went into some sort epileptic attack and didn't moved for some half an hour or so.We rushed in for the vet but he was out of town and since it was a Saturday night evening nobody wanted to come at our home so the vet told us to give sorbitrate under his tongue and also one injection of decdan and rantac and we did the same after calling for a nurse.After like an hour he started moving but to no avail,he started all this senseless movements and started chewing the bed sheet and even the floor and the whole time we wondered about him getting attacked by epilepsy.after few hours he slept off but was still moving his head while sleeping.At 2a.m. in the morning while sleeping on my bed he again made a sound like(aargh) and again his whole body became stiff and no movements anywhere.after like half an hour he started moving his frontal legs but his back legs were not moving and his teeth started chewing whatever he could and his gums were bleeding because of the same reason. the whole night he fought with the disease and started moving his head upwards and upwards while laying down.At 7a.m. he went to sleep and then we took him directly to another vet who was available and he told he is suffering from epilepsy and he told us this might be because of distemper(don't know what it is) or even neurological disorder but we did a check on his injection dates and found out he has already got the distemper injection done few months back.The doctor gave him Methylcobalamin and saline and within an hour his epilepsy disappeared and he slept off and also he gave him eptoin and lonasep.after like two days he is fine but again through all the time his back legs are not working.

He is having normal food since then and there are no signs of epilepsy till now but he has lost control of his back legs but from day before yesterday he can move his legs and his tail but he is not able to stand and he is peeing anytime when we try to change his sitting posture and he has no control of the this a sign of diabetes? and will we he be able to stand ever because we definitely see movements on his legs while he is sitting supporting his two legs only.please we seek your advice because there has been people suggesting me to put him to sleep but i will never do that because he is more than a pet to us.He is familia and since 13th we are unable to see his cute face suffering like this and we are helplessly crying.please we beg for your advice and suggestion.please help!
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