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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
How is your GSD with all the other dogs she has met? In dog classes? When you are taking her for walks?

What does the breeder say?

Can she be sick?

Absolutely keep the 2 dogs apart while you figure this out.
She is not good with any of the other dogs in my neighborhood. People that use to walk their dogs down the sidewalk cross the street to avoid walking in front of my house because she goes crazy barking at them. (We have windows that go to the floor)

We I've taken her to Petsmart there has been issues, I took her to the dog park and I was asked by the regulars not to bring her back. On walks we just avoid other dogs by crossing the street.

I bought her about 3 hours away and I have not been able to get a hold of the breeder for several months.

I am going to take vet to see if there is anything going on. But by appearance and behavior (except with the Bichon) she seems fine. Normal eating, normal poop, normal running and playing in the backyard.
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