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Default Serious probelm!

I have a beautiful 11 mo old long haired GSD. She has been raised with a 6 year old male Bichon and has always gotten along with him great but she has never liked other dogs much.

This all changed 2 days ago. In a 24 hour period she has attacked the Bichon 4 times! I was not home for the first 2 so I just assumed a family member was overreacting. Not the case, she was attacking like she wanted to kill him. The Bichon is scared to death of her now and shakes when she walks in the room. And frankly, I'm scared to death that she will kill him. One of them is in the kennel at all times now to keep that from happening.

She is perfectly fine with people and was perfectly fine with the Bichon up until 2 days ago. I love her dearly but can't have her killing our other dog. If I can't fix this asap I need to place her in a good home. Help Please!
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