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Good dog boarding kennels will let the puppies and very stable dogs play and interact together under constant supervision. They aren't like dog parks where owners are present and refuse to discipline or don't see a need to intervene in the interactions to prevent fights. It obviously isn't kosher to go in there and give another persons dog a correction (especially a physical one) even when the dog clearly needs it, so the control is just not there. When a dog shows he clearly does not want to play the good kennels keep others away from him till he is feeling "social" again. If there is a need to remove problem dogs that happens too. Items that can be fought over are generally not present, although the water bowls could become issues, in my experience they generally are not.

We see a ton of dogs that come in with dog or human "aggression" or environmental fear issues that would be perfectly fine had they been socialized properly. Genetics and breed plays a role in how much socialization a puppy needs early on, but when it comes right down to it the greatest blame with socialization issues lays at the feet of the owner or breeder in terms of handling. If you were to raise a puppy, or anything really, in a boring bubble (most households) any small event suddenly becomes a huge deal. Most owners simply never see what a great benefit it is to have an environmentally and socially sound dog. Lots of them will come in with dogs that are practically terrified of their own shadow and wanting the dog to do advanced off leash obedience and just don't see how there is a conflict in there.

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