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Default 2yr Old Rescue Wont Let Us Sleep

Back in August my family and I took in a female GSD. She was purchased as a puppy by a teenage boy who thought he would use her to breed. She wasn't able to stay at their family home so she live at a car lot, she had a kennel inside and a small caged in area outdoors (both on cement). They finally decided she deserved a (much) better life (after nearly 2 years) and we went to pick her up. Given we weren't given all of the information up front, she had missed some important vet visits and we were previously unaware she had never been inside a house before. All things considered River has adjusted pretty well, she seems to be house broken, is loving our large fenced in yard (it took her a day or so to get used to walking on grass) she has worked up stamina for nice walks and lots of playing catch.
The main problem now is that we started leaving her out in the house at night because she wouldn't stop barking in her kennel and we are a working family who does need some sleep. The first few weeks were just fine with this, she'd sleep on the floor or on her bed in my parents room (sometimes wake up a little early to go outside) and it was working. The past few weeks however she has started jumping up on my parent's and my bed and biting our blankets, arms, legs, whatever she can get whole of. She will be laying down nicely but as soon as one of us lay down she attacks. We have tried correcting this and asked our trainer for tips but still this keeps happening. We've had to start keeping my parents door closed at night so they can at least sleep.
We don't know what changed and every time we try and correct and/or distract her she gets more feisty and bite-y. It does seem that she was never trained out of her bad puppy habbits but she's now quite big and not very good at listening.
She has a good temperament but isn't getting that biting us is NOT ok.
Please any guidance from would be wonderful.
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