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Default Breeders or Rescues?

People have been adopting more often than buying puppies. I have been hearing more bad stuff about breeders and people appealing more to adopting recently. There is a huge overpopulation of millions homeless dogs dying everyday. I have been putting a lot of thought into breeders (even responsible) and rescues. For a long time always was hoping in the future to get a German shepherd puppy from a real responsible breeder. However, now there is more of a thing of half rescuing German shepherds and the other half wanting a pup from a real responsible breeder and other adopting dogs. I would get a German shepherd from a real responsible breeder and will get some from rescues too. Although if I were to get another dog besides the German shepherd I would always go for adopting. Right now am not ready for another dog, but this breeder and adopting thing has been coming to mind a lot. Even though I like real responsible breeders, for some reason every time I hear somebody say they got their dog from a breeder I wonder why am I feeling a yuck in a gut? Half of the majority is now finding all breeding bad which is biased because there are true real responsible breeders out there solving this homeless dog population thingy. Same goes for rescue organizations, etc. What do you all think about this overpopulation homeless dog and breeder and rescue adopting thing? I am not sure what to think even though I am an animal rights activist. I cannot live without dogs so I can get my 1st German shepherd from a real responsible breeder than go for rescues. Is that a good plan?
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