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Originally Posted by mjsatterthwaite View Post
Hey guys/gals,

Here is my "Luna". I have gotten sooo much information from this website and wanted to update you on my first GSD. I got her Last September and had some concerns about the "Breeder". Luna had fleas, bacteria skin infection, bad diareaha was very small. I was worried about her being a mix or end up a dwarf. I got some great advice from this forum and was told that she is not a mix or a dwarf and to feed her a high quality dog food and give her regular excercise. When I got her she was 5 months old, weighed 21 lbs and was only 17" tall. She is now 19 months old and is 52lbs and 24" tall. She is the best dog that I could ask for and has had no issues for about a year now . I was REALLY concerned that she was going to be tiny but going by the growth charts I see she is right on target. Should I expect her to "fill out" any more? I have read that GSD don't stop filling out until 3 years.
Wow she is a gorgeous gsd!

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