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Default Curious how it works

I read this thread ' Breeder picking your new puppy' and it was *very* interesting!

I would have no issue with a breeder choosing the puppy. But, I'm wondering how the rest works. If a litter is, for e.g., 8 pups, how does it work? Who ever reserves first? I think I would be open towards the gender. Whatever matches well. But, I don't think I'd want to be last in possible choices.

Also, I tend to like bold/confident dogs as I have not really had one. Most have been scared of thunder or noises and it would be a new experience to have one that was bold and courageous?

I guess you just ask the breeder what their strategy is, right?

I like WLs and am pretty flexible but I was curious how one goes about getting their choice.

I hope my questions aren't too dumb. ;-) I haven't got a dog through a breeder or litter before.
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