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Default New issue coinciding with apparent puberty

First of all, I had an at-length discussion with trainer today and he is coming to my place on Friday to see what's going on and help. I've also spoken to the breeder and gotten some advice from her. But in the meantime, I thought I'd get some opinions here. In no way am I going to address this without professional help.

That said, Tucker will be 8 mo tomorrow. Yesterday he weighed in at the vets at 104.6 (Breeder was almost as surprised as vet and I). Vet agrees he is perfect weight for his build so thats not an issue. He has just decided to be a BIG boy.

He has been well-socialized and gotten along with every dog he's met. He plays well with those I've allowed him to, and has generally been a really good boy.

The past few weeks he has noticeably filled out muscle-wise (he has been the longest lankiest pup I've ever seen) and seems to be realizing he has man-parts. Attempts are being made to pee like a boy and I have to be more diligent that he isn't allowed to obsessively sniff and pee where he wants.

He has also been more forceful when barking at strangers from a distance, which really isn't a problem in itself. Working on his off switch but I'm handling it...just added as another sign he's starting to mature and change maybe...

The real problem is that suddenly he isn't submitting to our older Labx female.Shes always been a little cranky with him but has slowly become more tolerant, even playing with him some.

Twice in the past week Tucker has challenged her. The first incident I wasnt home to see, but I put the blame on my daughter, who sometimes makes bad decisions like many teens. She was bit on the ankle, very minorly, breaking them up. It didn't get far but it wouldn't take much for him to hurt a 60lb geriatric with dysplasia. At this point I told her under no circumstances was Tucker to be out of his crate with Luna unless I was home.

Sunday night it happened at my feet and I grabbed Tucker (I had just removed his prong ). He didn't back down and I had to physically haul him out of the kitchen before he settled.

He has also been going at her when crated so now she is scared to walk past him to go to her room to sleep.

This cannot continue. They are NEVER left alone together, but he has to cut this out. His breeder has a great group of dogs that interact well, and she said his dad went thru this and that she did use an ecollar for some of this behavior. Trainer isn't sure an ecollar is the answer to this particular problem as he doesn't want him to associate getting zapped with the older dog and make the behavior worse.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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