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Default Ear Infection - Serious Fright Aggression Against Vet (moved to health issues)

Well, we won't be invited back to two vets now that both tried to treat my Zeus' ear infection. My 14 month GSD nearly ripped the hands off and throats out of the Vet and his technicians the moment they touched him.

It didn't matter whether they inserted an anal thermometer, put an otoscope near his ear to look inside or just placed a stethoscope on his flank. He was afraid and tried to bite.

The vets said they didn't want to work with him and just prescribed some medications to wash his ears.

I can touch the dog anywhere, including his ears. I can insert my fingers and thumb into his ear a long ways down. But I know he's sensitive to having anything squirted in his ears like bath water, even though he loves the lake. So, I never try to force anything into his ears if he objects to it.

He's the absolutely nicest animal at home and around family. The most we get out of him is an alarm bark when the doorbell goes off. He used to suspicious of people in public. But that's wearing off quickly too. If he ever growls at someone he's immediately dressed down about it (only happened twice in his life).

But get around the vet and, in particular, try to work on his ears and its' game on. He's literally Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde.

I've also called on his trainer to try to put ear medication in his ear. And, after about 15 minutes of muzzling him with a leash and trying to forcefully medicate him the trainer stopped. He said this is a real phobia and if we press him too hard we're going to imprint him lastingly with fear of medical treatment.

He also said he could be turned aggressive. It's really hard to imagine Zeus being naturally aggressive. He absolutely so sweet.

The vet wants to put him in a gas enclosure and sedate him so as to treat the ears. The breeder says absolutely not. The breeder says that adrenaline and sedatives don't mix and that Zeus could easily die on the table.

The trainer says the same and adds that he doesn't smell any infection in his ears at all. That's one of the first things I did too was to smell his ears...nothing. But there was a considerable amount of black material in his ears and he was scratching them all the time.

The trainer, ex-military, also says he hates civilian vets who treat little foo-foo dogs for a $100,000 a year living but won't even consider working on a working dog like Zeus who is vet aggressive.

The vets can't be blamed here if their recommendations are wrong on the ear infection and sedating him as they've never gotten close enough to his ears to actually inspect them. So, they're sort of going on what we tell them about him shaking his head, scratching his ears and even wearing a bit of the fur off the leading edge of his ears.

Any thoughts, guidance or advice would be appreciate.

My trainer saw my demeanor when he, a military trainer couldn't medicate his ears and told me not to be afraid of the dog. He said that what we saw then was not Zeus but another personality altogether.

I assure you I'm unafraid. But I'm sure worried and concerned about the impact further treatment of this infection might have on our relationship with the dog.

Oh, the vets continue to tell me that there are no oral antibiotics that can be administered to the dog to treat the ear infection. I find that absolutely incredible. My doctor and the kids' pediatrician don't treat our ear infections with ear washes. The prescribe erythromycin or tetracycline or some other oral antibiotic.

My wife's doctor doesn't treat her anxiety attacks from a recent auto accident with sedating gas. He quite properly prescribes Xanax.

So, what's up with a $400 gas chamber event when similar degrees of oral sedation are so common in human medicine. And, what's up with having to manipulate the dog's ears at all when not only ear infections but also complete system-wide sepsis is treated in humans with oral antibiotics or at the most an IV antibiotic? I just don't get it.


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