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Originally Posted by martemchik View Post
Welcome. What are your plans for the dog? What is your experience with the breed?
Thank you. Although it would be great if I could tell you my plans included prepping for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, he will be our family companion. I have aspirations to someday get into a working venue with GSD's, but have no delusions that I could dabble and be successful, thus I'm strictly a fan and sideline observer at this point. I have a family with two young children and we wanted a solid family companion that we could work on obedience with and take everywhere. My previous 2 shepherds were American show lines, both fantastic dogs that I loved - but it was more work for me playing ball than it was for them....trying to motivate them to continue playing past the 10-15 minute mark proved a chore. My family is very active and my wife was looking for a running partner that could double as an early morning bad guy deterrent. I just want to work on my training skills and learn as much as I can.

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