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Default Vom Gildaf Experience

I'm new to the forum. Just wanted to share my experiences with Vom Gildaf in WI for anyone looking for a quality working line breeder.

I researched and spoke with many breeders for a long time before deciding to work with Melinda Clark at Vom Gildaf and I couldn't be happier. Aside from the fact that she is just a genuinely good person, Melinda gives you straight and honest answers whether it's what you want to hear or not. She truly cares about the well being of her dogs and the puppies she places, and I never once felt like it was anything but the love for the dogs that she was in this for. Melinda is extremely knowledgable about the breed and has a purpose for her program. She's got fantastic dogs.

That's all I wanted to put out there. If anyone needs a more specific reference or has questions about Vom Gildaf I would be happy to answer them for you.
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