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yes, he steals anything he can. He loves to sneak the paper off the printer and shred it. He did the nose the trash can lid up and he tries to steal the trash. I put a 10 pound weight on it. Pretty soon he'll be able to lift that as well. He tries.

He sneaks slippers, clothes out of the laundry hamper and loves to take paper towels out of the trash and shred them.

Yesterday he grabbed my new slipper and ran outside with it. Running around the yard. He thinks it's a game and won't "leave it" or drop it". Then he runs to the pool. I say "No, Don't you..." and he leans over and drops it in the pool....looked at me like " I dropped it" . He can be a mischievous

He is getting a lot better though. Today he wanted to play with his bite wedge. He kept grabbing my pants leg and pulling me. I got out the bite wedge, played for a bit and now he's sleeping.
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