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Default A very smart GSD

Let me start by saying, I love reading ALL these stories ! Anyway, We purchased our first purebred GSD last January. She was 12 weeks old at the time and a craigslist find. We went to look at her on a night it was snowing very hard. I was told she was the last pup of the litter. At the time, I just wanted to see her as I would prefer "Rescuing" a dog from a shelter. Upon arriving at the house I noticed right away they were mopping the old hardwood floors, there was air freshener out on the coffee table and the general house condition was terrible. When she brought me the pup, she was very, very frightened. I held her and watched the fleas jump off of her. Right then and there, I gave the woman what she was asking and would have trippled the money had she asked. I knew, I wasn't leaving without this pup. I called my vet on the way home and they stayed late, waiting for me. Poor girl was 12 weeks and 12 lbs. You could clearly see her ribs. The vet treated her with all the usual puppy shots etc. When we arrived home, she would cry every time she needed to go pottie. It wasn't hard to know when she had to go, you would hear her cry. When I lifted her up on the couch with me, She would run and hide. Fast forward to this past summer. We had some family over in our back yard, music playing, Zoe running around playing catch with who ever will throw her the ball. We were all sitting on the deck when Zoe, out of the blue, sat at the corner of our house/driveway and was barking like crazy! She would look at us, then look down the driveway barking. ( You can't see down the driveway from our deck) I ran over to her and to my amazement, My sister in laws little 2 yr old daughter was walking down the drive way! Zoe knows she isn't allowed on the driveway but she was smart enough to alert us of the situation at only 8 months old. I am still amazed at how smart these breeds are. Just my story to share and hope to have a lot more over the years with Zoe !! 20131006_151917.jpg
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