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Default Need Serious Advice !

Hello, my name is Chris I'm new to posting here but not new to visiting this site for information on GSDs.

I have a now 6 month old all black shepherd named Hera and I love her to death. Ever since we got her (my partner and I) she has become such an integral part in out lives. I can't imagine life without her.

I made a monstrous mistake last week, and I really need your help and advice. Before I begin, I need to say that I love animals period. I am horrified with myself. I know what I did was wrong. Anyways:

Last Tuesday, I awoke in a horrible mood due to unforeseen circumstances. I went downstairs to open heras crate per usual and she was just as excited to see me as she always is. She jumped up on me like she does and we fell to the floor together, I rubbed her belly and she have kisses. Then, she bit me (playfully) but hard enough that I just snapped. I hit her. She cried out and peed, and seeing the pee infuriated me more and I hit her a second time.

She ran down the stairs to the door and I sat there, horrified. I knew what I did was so terribly wrong and I instantly regretted it. I tried to console her and give her some treats. We went for a walk and she was okay after that.

Fast forward to now, her and I are back at our baseline of fun, love and play HOWEVER, she has a new problem and it's all my fault ....she will pee as soon as I take her out of the crate now for a solid week. Her ears will go down and she will walk over to me and just crouch and pee as pet her. Sometimes she pees very little, others there's a lot. Regardless, I don't yell, chastise, or even say no. I just continue to pet her and kiss her unt she lets me rub her belly
(That's our "thing" I always get her sweet spot). Then I clean it up without protest.

How can I get her to stop doing this submissive pee? Thank you so much. I wish I never touched her. I miss how she was. I feel like a monster!!! Please help.
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