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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
You can make a low wooden platform. I would recommend going bigger than 10x10 for two large dogs. One more set of panels allows you to go to 20x20 or 10x30.I would use untreated plain pine boards and not plywood as they might chew on it. Where do you live?

When I had a run I did 10x30 and did the tarp with an A-frame that would shed snow/ice/rain fairly well.
I'm located in NC so snow isn't much of an issue. I would love to go to 20x20 eventually, but can't afford it right now. I only plan on using it in the short term (2 hours max). The goal is when I go out of town, I could have a friend or family member come by and let them out of the house (they're loose in the house) for a couple of hours and then come back later to let them back in. I'm open for any suggestions though!
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