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Default food and manners

My GSD is 2 months old..he is usually has a very great appetite and never leaves any food.but recently i shifted to royal canin junior(though i dint change was a gradual shift) and he is not eating much..he eats a little and leaves the food. I soak the food for about 2 hrs before he eats. My doubt is are were supposed to soak for a long time such that its totally soft or keep it a bit hard(i.e., soak for less time). Could anyone plzz clarify.

My other concern is lately he is being very adamant and very fussy. Previously he used to behave in a bit mannered way but now he refuses to listen to anything that i tell. I know he is just small baby of just 2 months but still want to confirm if theres anything that i am doing wrong. Is the behavior normal??
And he is scared of everything that he sees. He is scared of people cars and refuses to walk beyond my gate though i force him sum times but still i find no change and he seems to be scared of outside world.
Plzzzz lemme know if this is normal or sum thing that i should do since this is my first pet and want to raise him in best way possible.
Please help.
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