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Unhappy Stomach Issues(Non GSD) but need thoughts...

My male golden just turned 4 last week. On Saturday he was throwing up and looking slightly green, I stayed up until 2 in the morning watching him ready to go to the vet, but he was looking better. He was eating, drinking, and poop was fine. Today he got up and threw up and poop not so great, but he refused pumpkin and his food. He did take a treat but I had to bring it to him. I called the vet to let them know we were on our way. Temp good, no pain when stomach touched, but I insisted on X-rays for peace of mind. It was taking to long and I was getting more nervous, then they brought me back to see them. It looks like possibly two foreign objects on one side(not sure what because he has never ate anything in his life) but more concerning it looked like there was separation of his stomach, but not bloat. The vet chose to keep him and sedate him for more X-rays because he was panting and wiggly. She also didn't want him home alone, needless to say I'm not going to work now because I'm a mess. What causes separation of the stomach? Vet says by looking at X-rays he should be lethargic and in pain, but neither of those things are evident. Anyone familiar with this?
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