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Default Need Raw Encouragement!

Hello! I am hoping to get some encouragement to get me to make the move to raw. I've read it over a couple times and think it sounds great...then reality sets in. I tried some chicken legs with my 7month old GSD mix, she loved it but it made me feel a little queasy, and a little worried about bones. So I called the vet and she gave me the standard "dangers of choking and bacteria" line. Then I switched to Sojo's dehydrated. The dog loved it, and she became super soft and shiny. But at one bag a week at $25, I don't think I can keep up that expense. I am a stay at home mom and not time crunched or averse to food prep, so I don't need the convenience of dehydrated, if it costs so much more. Not that I want to spend hours chopping, grinding, mixing etc. but I am able to put some time into it (15 min?)

Anyone feel like giving me some encouragement to get me over these things: Cost (if really a factor), "grossness", including other family members, going against vet's advice.

Every time I think I am going to do homemade raw, I start reading and get overwhelmed. I would like a simple menu that can be bought from the grocery store at first and then I could move into some cost saving measures. Think I can find those online, just need some of you experience folks to push me a bit.

Advice? Thank you!

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