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Default Father in Law (Alzheimer’s) kicked one of the girls.

Just sharing this experience.

My Father in law has Alzheimer’s and is living with us. Won’t describe all symptoms, suffices to say they are severe, but the other day he kicked Kana! (She is the Black and Red four year old. 90lbs)
I was enraged and was in the process of lashing out when I realized it would do no good.
What has amazed me is the change in not only her, but in both dogs behavior. Neither dog will come within 8 feet of him. They avoid him even if it means walking into another room. They stay closer to me and my lovely bride than before! (Didn’t think that was even possible) They have absolutely nothing to do with him. Even when he calls them they won’t come. They absolutely ignore him, and they obey almost every adult friend we have that is a regular visitor.
While thinking about this I realized something. It was the first time in their lives that anyone had intentionally inflicted any kind of pain on them! When it happened, Kana abruptly got up, stepped away, tilted her head and looked at him, than braced herself, came to me and sat erect in front of me facing him.
He is going into a home very soon, so there is no chance of it happening again, but I have been fascinated by the behavior.
No, Kana was not hurt.
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