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Default Does your GSD react to the TV?

I have never had a dog that reacts to the TV the way my GSD does. Anytime there is another dog on the TV she barks at them. Actually just about any animal sets her off.

So here is the interesting part she can recognize when there is a TV show or commercial with animals in it. We used to watch a TV show where a cat walks across the screen in the credits. As soon as the music started for the TV show she was alert and walked up to the TV and stared at it waiting for the cat to show up and then barked until it left the screen. Last night a commercial came on the TV and Santa walks out and she jumps to attention and starts a subtle growl. My wife and I were looking at each other wondering what she has against Santa. Then all the reindeer walk out and she went off. I guess she recognized the commercial and new the reindeer were in it.

Anyone else have a dog that is this reactive to TV?
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