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Default High-Drive Puppy...Next Steps?

Hello All,

I have a 5 1/2 mth puppy, Herzen. She's my first GSD and honestly I couldn't be happier. Since we brought her home at 9 wks she's been very energetic (more than normal GSD) scent-oriented. She is from WGSD working lines ans her sire has a SchH scent title and IPO 1. I think she has a lot of these traits...but I'm not an expert. Her favorite game is "find-it" and aside from the normal puppy zoomies and subsequent tug games she is an all-around good girl. (Though initially I might have had a rather rosy view of GSD puppy-hood ).

Her basic training is coming along fabulously and I find she is willing and able to perform tasks comparable to dogs four/five mths older. I'm sure at this point it's not because she's willing to do anything for a Zuke's mini (did I mention she has strong food drive??) but because she can capably handle these tasks. I've used different rewards (tug, etc) for successfully and quickly executing obedience commands and it seems to work just as well.

At this point, since I've never trained/owned a GSD before, should I be looking into other classes to keep her interested? I've thought about nosework and scent training, but what age is best to start? Is she too young for agility classes? I want to keep challenging her mentally and physically, but I don't want to damage her joints. So far she seems happy to play in the yard with her Frisbee or Kong (although it can go on for hours such that I have to put her back into the crate to rest).

Thanks, any opinions would be welcome. Glad to actually find a reason to post at last, instead of being a passive observer!

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