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Default Braehead Puppies

Have any of you gotten your shepherd from Braehead in Mass.? I know WhiteShepherd got all 3 of her dogs from there and has good things to say about them, but I was hoping to get some other reviews.

One of my friends advised against a white, but I ensured him I did my homework. Here's what he had to say though...

"My advice is to not get a white shepherd. If you're serious about the breed look into East German and Czech working lines. Stay away from show lines if at all possible (German show lines look great but often have health problems), but DEFINITELY stay away from American lines.

Look into Schutzhund if you have local clubs available but definitely spend a **** of a lot of time on training and socializing.

You want a pup that's confident and above all what they call "clear headed." Temperament is everything with this breed.

If it were me I'd avoid white breeders. Dogs are clearly bred for the show ring and most lack Schutzhund titles. I'm not trying to piss on your selection of breeder, I'll just tell you that personally I'd look somewhere else. But it seems like you've done some research and feel confident with the breeder, so if you go through with the purchase then I hope it works out great for ya.

I think you're painting yourself in a corner having to have a white shepherd. You're not going to find any good working lines with high drives and proper temperament in white shepherds, but that's not to say you won't find a good dog. I just would say you're not getting the full essence of what a GSD is about in going that route."
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