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Default Hiya from Greece!

Heylo, people! I'm rather new here, yet a long-time dog owner. I love to talk, so I'm going to probably put everything about me in this so...yeah. Well, here we go!

I was born in Sparta, Greece on June 7, 2001 (yes I have permission to be on here...) to my parents who were only 14 at the time. My dad was originally from America, and that's why my mom and I kind of went back and forth from Greece to California. When I was almost 1, my dad was sent to Juvy for 4 years in Sacramento, CA, so my mom and I moved to a small medieval-like village outside of Cypress. At the time, we had 4 dogs and one cat. Two of the dogs were large Mastiffs named Apollo and Ares, which were the guard dogs of the small house my mom and I lived in. The 3rd dog was a Cretan Hound named Orestes who herded the sheep and cows, and a German Shepherd named Thaddeus that I took with me when I wandered from the house and into the village.

By the time I was 7, Thaddeus and Apollo had already passed away, as my mom had had the 2 since she was 13. I was a little grief-stricken, but I wasn't super close to the dogs either. During those 5 years, my parents got together again for a short time and my mom had my little sister in Thessalonoki, Greece. I was pretty excited, but Thaddeus never left the baby's side, which made me a bit jealous.

When I was 9, my parents were split for good and my mom, my little sister and I moved to Los Angeles, California. I was very nervous because I didn't know anybody there, it was a totally different country, and I suffered from terrible depression and PTSD (a story I won't tell) which I knew the kids would make fun of. But I eventually met my best friend Samantha and she's been with me through a lot, and I know we'll be best friends forever. She was abandoned by her parents when she was 8, and pretty much lived off the streets of LA, but she was very street-smart, and for sure didn't look like an orphan. My mom was kind enough to let Samantha move with us BACK to Greece. As weird as that, I'm not a l******, my family just has heart.

As well as my family and friends, I have 5 wonderful dogs at home. I have a Rottweiler (Ares) a Doberman (Titus), a Pit Bull (Ajax) a Dogue de Bordeaux (Felix), and of course, my amazing German Shepherd, Olympia, who is currently my life.

I've been through a lot in my life (none was mentioned here) but the dogs I've had have helped me through, as well as my friends. Dogs are always there for you, no matter what. I never truly knew what my dogs meant to me until they passed away. I would give my life for them, and they're just the most beautiful part of life on this planet <3

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