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SEE!!!!! That's what I THOUGHT!!!!!!! Everyone on the other group was saying that a turkey neck was TOO MUCH for him!!!! WTH!!!! They had me freaking out! I asked for clarification stating that the ONLY bone he got was the turkey neck, and they kept saying "No, that's 42% bone in the turkey neck, he is getting too much bone"....I knew I wasn't loosing it...but you know how we are, we freak over the animals.


As far as the other stuff goes...does the diet look ok? Balanced? No rocket butt yet...quite the opposite, but after nearly 9 months of diarrhea I'm sure he's relieved about it. He doesn't seem to be bothered over the decreased poop either. No whining or straining. When he pooped today (twice) he had to push a bit...but he didn't complain. I inspected it for blood to see if it hurt him to pass it (because it was FIRM)....and there was no blood. Took a stick to break it apart, and it was ok!
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