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Default Raw Dog Ranch?

Who owns this page? I absolutely LOVE it...however, I am having conflicting information....EEK!

SO Sabo has a turkey neck in the morning (approx 11-13oz). In the evening he will have turkey heart, chicken giblets (approx 11-13 oz) and this evening I will add in some pork stew meat (another 11-13 oz). Based on the calculations of how MUCH should be fed total for goal based adult weight, I get somewhere between 30-36oz total depending on energy level...and he's pretty active.

I was told on another forum that the 45% RMB, 50% MM and 5% organ meat was wrong. I need to feed 80% MM, 10% RMB and 10% organ.

The way I look at it, the turkey neck (and pork sternums I bought) have a TON of meat on them compared to the bones. I haven't split and weighed yet, and perhaps I will do that tomorrow when I"m home from work, but there just doesn't seem to be that much BONE compared to all the meat I'm giving.

He is a bit constipated, and perhaps that is because of all the new bone to his diet...BUT...he is also on pain meds and sedation from being neutered and is locked in his "harry potter cabinet" for the last several days and is looking at another week to week and a half incarceration since he has torn a few stitches and it's now infected.

I probably should have waited until after neutering him, however, he was refusing to eat PERIOD. Getting him to eat has always been a chore. I was buying Orjen Regional Red and then spicing it up with cheese, pre made Raw, sardines...ANYTHING I could find that he would eat. I had to change it DAILY and even then he was a pathetic eater. He constantly had diarrhea...didn't matter what I did. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, would work for a little bit and then the diarrhea would return. He drank water like a FISH...I'm talking two large bowls a day. The vet could find NOTHING wrong with him. At least with RAW he is ENTHUSIASTIC about eating SOMETHING so that he can heal.

Which is the right formula? 80/10/10 or 45/50/5???? IS floating somewhere in the middle (which I think I am) ok? I'm also giving pumpkin to aid the pooping process along and to combat the sedation and inactivity.
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