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Default UTI and bladder stones

Just got back from the vets... Penny has a UTI with bladder stones, she is also apparently going through a "false pregnancy". Penny is on yet again another round of antibiotics (she is also suppose to be on a special food that I refused because there is no point in me paying an extra $60 - $80 for food that she will not eat). The vet said she doubts the antibiotics will break up the stones that she will need surgery if they dont clear up after this two week round of antibiotics.

I just had a break down crying, not so much over the fact that she may need surgery, but for the fact that I am helpless to make my girl better, I feel horrible that my dog is constantly falling ill. I am mentally worn down by everything that has happened, and all of her temperament (being really skittish)and training issues and all the money and time I have put in... I know now this will be a very long, painful, expensive road, and by no means will I ever give up on my girl but sometimes I wish this would have been easier.
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