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Default New and looking for a pup.

New to the forum and I live in Puerto Rico, (originally from NY), and I am looking to try and find a reputable breaded that could ship to where I am at. So basically I would not want the pup to have a long trip so looking for recommendations from the east coast and as far west as Texas. That should be a 4 hour flight for the pup from any of those places. I have had 2 German shepherds in the past and now I want my children to have the same experience on what it is having a GSD as a family member. I have spoken to 2 breeders and one of them had too many complaints from customers so that one got dropped. The other breeder I was looking at is located by the great lakes but that will be a 2 stop or more flight for the pup. What we are looking for is a GSD with a black and tan or black and red coat, male with good temperament. Protective of the home and family and social enough to have company. That is the kind of GSD we have had in the past so please let me know if you need any more information from me.
Thank you in advance.
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