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Default How to properly break up and prevent fights?

I have a 3mo. old male GSD and we have a 10 month old mutt at home (female husky/beagle or so my roommate was told) They can tolerate each other sometimes but for some reason the bottom just falls out and they fight. Teeth showing snapping etc. I understand they are both technically puppies and my guy nips at the other dog and sometimes she just ignores him and other times she gets low teeth out...Saturday was the worst fight they got into where the female got a little more vicious than usual and I almost was on the wrong end of dogs teeth. Every time my puppy comes out of the crate or comes in from being outside he runs toward her with a deep rapid bark standing proud. I am worried I am dealing with a dominant aggressive dog (GSD) and a submissive aggressive dog (Husky/Beagle) Open to any questions or solutions to help fix this.... I have watched and researched a little bit with regard to dog behavior I am just starting to drain out on breaking fights up and not knowing what else to do....I have considered some puppy training classes...
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