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Default weird weird weird

I have been taking advice on how to fix Tyson and his inner guard dog, so far he is getting ALOT better with the oldest, we had company this weekend and one of our guest came into the house Tyson ran over and did his barking, growling stare down. The guest showed no fear said in a very firm voice "tyson its ok" and headed up the stairs anyways, as he was on his way up Tyson was on his way down, barking and growling and pushing his head into our guest. He continued up the stairs anyways and put his hands on Tysons head gave him a good rub on his neck, there was no incident, Max came up the stairs with tyson fully in his way barking and growling and yet max was touching him the whole time. I am so stumped by this sort of behavior, its clearly not a fear thing (atleast i dont think so) i have just never seen this sort of stuff. Anyone have any ideas?? he also now growls and bark at our local tim hortons drive thru dudes.
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