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Training- amatuer, I get what I need and leave it at that. Well mannered dogs are all I crave at the moment.

Dogs needs- I'm good at this. I have ridiculously happy dogs. I strive for stress free, bouncy happy mutts. Gifted amatuer I'd hazard.

When friends visit, my dogs shine. They are such engaging and happy dogs that people cannot keep their hands off them. Banjo was an ambassador extraordinaire, he was a mutant giant of a GSD and he helped several people overcome their fear of big scary dogs. It's hard to deny a 90 pound, gazelle legged GSD that mumbles and groans with pleasure as he burrows into your abdomen. he killed with kindness.

I think GSDs make being a great owner easy. They are so tractable and eager to interact. Intelligent dogs find a way to communicate and make it a pleasure to do so.
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