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I consider myself to be somewhere between novice and intermediate on all fronts. Though I've had 5 dogs throughout my life, I've only actually OWNED two of them, and of those two, I've only RAISED one. Discoe is my second GSD, and the only one I've raised myself from puppyhood. Reba was 2 when I got her. The others were childhood dogs of the family, and a dog that my parents got while I was in college, so by the time I got home, he was already some months old, and I didn't get to see him much before I had to go back. I've helped raise lots of other dogs, and care for them, and have had a job related to the animal care industry for the last 9 years (vet assistant, supply store assistant, shelter account clerk).
I'm fortunate enough to have my breeder as my mentor and best friend, so I've learned a lot in that respect about training and general care. I've put a CGC on both Reba and Discoe, a TDI on Reba, and a BH, AD and CD on Discoe, both trained myself with no formal classes. I have a personal interest in nutrition, so I spend a lot of time researching food components and diet on my own, as well as illnesses and how diet impacts them.

So, I'm definitely not new to the game, but I still have a whole lot that I can learn, and am willing to learn.
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