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Default Personal Protection Dogs a bunch of new threads about training personal protection dogs has got me thinking. How many members could imagine owning a PPD? How many members believe that a PPD would really provide the protection they need from whatever threat they believe is out there? Do you guys believe that the cost/benefit is worth it (either if you train your own dog, or if you purchase one for what I've read is a five figure price tag)?

It's my opinion that the work necessary to get a truly solid/reliable PPD would not be worth the protection you're going to get out of that dog. My opinion comes from living in some pretty high crime areas and never actually witnessing a crime in my short time here on this earth. I'm not sure what the cost is of raising/training a PPD is, but it has to be up there. I know people don't generally put a value on their own time, but if someone did, I'd really be interested to know what the economic cost of a PPD is.

I've really been questioning the definition of a PPD and the type of protection people think they need/the dog can provide. Many times, I believe just having a GSD will provide all the protection the household needs. If a large dog isn't enough deterrent enough for the threat, the threat is probably ready to deal with the dog in whatever way possible. I mean, I just don't get what people expect from a dog trained to do harm to a human in a PPD type role. I feel like if your untrained dog has the right temperament, it will probably do the role just fine, and a bonus on top of that would be some sort of bite sport training if you really want to guarantee knowing how your dog would react. I also know that training your dog in bite work, or as a PPD, really increases your liability and pretty much destroys any defense you might have in the court of law if that dog ever bites the wrong thing (a child, an extended family member, just a person passing by). Knowing the broad range dog instructors there are with varying experience and ability, I can't imagine that every single person claiming to train PPD dogs is going to be doing it at the highest possible level.

By the way...this is more of an educational discussion. Just to see the varying opinions out there on this subject. That's why I posted it in the chat room and not under the actual PPD section of the forum.
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