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Default Scare with Dakota today

Today when I woke up I noticed Dakota had a lump on his snout, up high near his eye. He has had chronic sneezing for the past 2-3 years. He sneezes so hard that he hits his face off the ground and causes a bloody nose or bites his tongue. We have talked about it with the vet and best we can come up with is allergies.

So of course, when I see this lump I think "OMG, he has cancer. He has been sneezing a lot and he is older now." So I was freaking out. I felt it and it felt round, but above the bone. Not really like a tumor. I thought it was odd because I didn't see anything the night before. I gave him two allergy pills and did my best to put ice on it. The swelling came down quite quickly and now it is hardly noticeable. So I am PRETTY sure something bit him even though it is awfully cold for there to be bugs. I will still keep an eye on it because I am paranoid.
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