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Default Sacramento, CA area - 2yr old intact Male Shepherd


Otto,an intact male purebred, just turned 2 this month. He is tan/black.

I bought him from a co-worker just this last spring. He does not get along with my other dog no matter how hard we try. Everyone is telling me to have him fixed and that will solve it but I don't think it will since they now have there own "territories" and they are fighting over family attention as I was told by a breeder I do keep them separate, but a few weeks ago, one got through the gate and they got into another fight. It's not fair to them, and it's tiring trying to keep them apart and splitting my little extra time between both.

Otto has been through the Pestsmart training with the previous owner when he was a pup. He does "sit" and "stay" commands while he is waiting for his dinner. He is high strung and very active. I don't know how well he does on a leash, my husband was working with him and he's been gone since August. I don't know if he is potty trained, he has been an outside dog since we have had him and I believe the previous owners had him outside as well. I don't think he will do well with cats or other small animals, I am not sure of this either. We have a teacup pig that is fenced in our front yard and it doesn't look promising when he tries jumping the fence to get to him. He is great with people and kids!!! Loves to play!!!!

I am asking a re-homing fee of $100.00 for him.
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