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Default What!!!!! Wheres my shoes????

I don't have any idea what has gotten into my 2 and almost half year old dog. She is not technically a puppy any more, but this is surely puppy behavior that I need to stop. I woke up Friday morning as usual and proceeded through my day. At evening feeding time I could nt find my topsider shoes. They were nowhere in the house. I called the wife and asked her if she put them away and no such luck. My house dog had stolen both shoes of the pair and taken them to the land of many dangers (The back yard). When I fussed at her she went outside and promptly returned one that was unscathed. When my wife arrived that evening she went out to places in the yard that are inaccesable to me due to my health and could not find the match. Saturday morning I went out into the yard and found what was left of the other shoe in the rain. The tongue had been removed as well as the entire heel and all the leather lacing as well. so one pair of shoes now useless. My question is why is this dog who is a fully trained Service Dog just now starting to manifest these weird behaviours. They both get plenty of stimulation and I play with both of them frequently during the day since I am disabled and home all of the time. She has never stolen anything else from the house and brings in her toys all the time so they don't get wet or played with by the other GSD who prefers to remain outside in all but the worst weather. I am assuming she did this while we were all asleep during the night Thursday night since they were both gone Friday around mid day. Any thoughts or reasoning why a 2 year old dog just starts chewing her handlers shoes?

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