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Default Holding his attention

Gunnar is 15 months old and is well behaved at home and on the road and in Home Depot, but at the training facility I lose his attention. Granted I have not been there for 6 months until yesterday, but during group activities he barks, wines, stares at his brother, is constantly looking everywhere else but at me. The other dogs (both older and younger) seem to watch their handler for the next direction. Gunnar listens for the next direction while watching and staring at everyone else.

He wil down and stay in the midst of distraction, and while I walk away and talk with other dogs and handlers, but I could not give him a hand signal because he's not watching me.

Even on the leash he's not looking up at me despite me holding meat (high value treat, he never gets meat outside of training) next to my chest. I can't seem to hold his visual attention. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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