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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
i'm leary of the breeder picking a pup out for me. how does
a breeder know the temperament of a pup 2 weeks later, 2
months later, 6 months later, 1&1/2 yrs later, etc. i think
there's so much involved in developing the temperament
that it can't be determined when a pup is 2 weeks, 4 weeks,
5 weeks, 8 weeks old. i also don't think a breeder has a pup
that matches every buyer's personality.
The breeder has spent the last 8 weeks with that pup- they'll have a much better idea than the buyer, who spends an hour with the pup, as to what the pup's core personality will be. Obviously there's no guarantee- nobody ever said there was. But if the breeder knows his dogs and knows what they produce, he'll have at least a good idea of what the pup will be like at the core. That doesn't factor in training and socialization on the part of the owner, but it at least gives you an idea of what you're working with.

If no pup in this litter was going to be a good fit for me (say, this particular female was going to be an extremely strong dog, as it seems some of her brothers will be... or conversely, not being confident or having a lot of drive suitable for a working dog), then my breeder would let me wait on another litter, or let me go elsewhere. It should be about finding a good match, not filling a crate "right now."
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