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Default 20 days old GSD Pup

Hi guys. Now i have got a pup who is just 20 days old. I saw the liter. All others were very fluffy females but this one was sort of single coat type. He has a long tail which is curled up. I have seen both the dame and sire. Both are good specimen of GSD with excellent points kept by avid GSD lovers (Sire an excellent pedigreed GSD). Now i have a questions:-
1. Why other pups were fluffy kind as of Double Coat? Although when i lifted the pup i didnot find him to be undernourished but quite healthy actually. Infront of those pups he looked quite feeble.(I should have touched others to feel their build and health). He seemed to be a sort of loner out there.
2. Is it OK to have a curled long tail (It even now touches the ground) which will straighten later (He is still 20 days old)
Why do i have these all questions A friend of mine who has a large kennel of GSDs, Labs etc and is well qualified in GSDs from Germany said to me.. "Look for the pup who looks like a bear... huge head and straight tail"
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