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Default Puppy too playful? Not socialized?? Noob GSD owner from Nepal.

My 6 months old German Shepherd, Tyson.

He is a dog filled with energy and drive and there lies my problem.
He runs towards any dog he sees, he want to play with them, he is not aggressive, not fearful, he just wants to play. When on drive or when he is after any dog, cat, he won't listen or come when i call him.

Other wise he knows recall, he sits when told..preety much he listens to everything i say. He walks very good on leash, never pulls on leash, that is until he sees a dog. Then he pulls to get to him, i correct him but until we pass the dog he keeps pulling towards the dog.

Now, my amateur brain told me he needs socializing, so i started taking him to a public park, it's been few days. In Nepal we do not have a dog park so people bring their dog in the same park where they jog.

The first day, i brought him inside, he sat calmy looking towards some stray dogs and then a dog ( another GSD, 7 months, male named Yufi) came to play and they played for about a good 30-35 minutes. The other one also had no good recall so we have to leash them and walk them after playing.

once he was tired, we headed home. On the way, he would look to other dogs, but wont lunge. I guess he was tired. now i believe " A tired dog is a good dog."

But, next day, his play date Yufi from yesterday was not there, now he keep lunging at any stray dog or other dog he sees in the park. The stray dogs knows better to not jump at a dog with an owner and are quiet friendly and do not bit any dog they see, but Tyson keeps lunging at them and i did not let him off leash that day.

Next day, again Yufi was not there, but i saw a young GSD and he was willing to play, talked to the owner and we agreed to let them play for a while. the dog was a male, 9 months old GSD named Jungye. Good, playful dog, but no recall and seemed scared of the owner.
After playing for 20-30 minute other dog looked tired and was not willing to play, so i called tyson and walked away...he came after me and was looking towards other dog stray dog but when i called him he seemed to come towards me.
Until a stray dog showed some interest in playing, ducking, getting down on "down" positing, running Tyson was in drive and would run around playing with him...he would not come to me.
after some time, i leashed him and returned home. Little improvement, but not quiet there.

next day, i took his "fetch playing" stick and a cricket ball with me, went to the park, took him to a less crowded place, far from other dogs and played fetch with him, i would throw his ball and walk at the other direction, while he fetch and follow me. When he is near me, i will show him his stick, he will leave the ball and i will throw the stick, take the ball and walk away. Slowly, slowly i will go towards the middle of the field where other dogs are.
(There are lots of people with dogs, on leash and off leash, and the good thing is i have not seen a them fighting at all, and seems like the stray dogs are also playing within them now.)
After playing fetch for some time, i would look for a do g(he is a stray, but is very playful and looks young) and go towards him and give him the stick, he runs aroud with it and Tyson plays with him. But when Tyson tries to play with other dog, i call him and say stop (in Nepali language, of course) and he stops and comes back.but not all the time.
if the other dog plays, he won't even come towards me, after few minutes he will look for me and if he sees me he goes back to playing. If i am far away, he runs little closer but will not stop playing.

I have been doing this for 4 days, and i have seen some improvement.But, he still lunges towards other dog.

In summary, He has little improvement, he will lunge towards footballs, cricket balls but will stop if i say stop and will come back to me. he will run towards other dogs but listens sometimes.

My problems, he knows recall, he listens to commands. But with other dogs around he want to play and when he is in the "zone" in the drive, he wont listen to me and will not come back when called. If the other dog refuses to play the he will come back when called, but if the other one plays then he will just keep playing, he plays around me, but will not break or come when called.

I know the post is too long but please read it and advise me how to proceed.
i want you all to know that everything i know is by Reading/learning in this site, i have no books related to training, no other people with experience to ask to. All GSD i encountered are far not trained then my tyson, they even lack the basic obedience.
Tyson is improving slowly but i have a little doubt in my training method and if i get a proper help or a somebody to say do like this or i had same thing with my dog and i did this then it will be very appreciated.

Robean Gyalchen Lamakhor.

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